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Dr. Olivia Chou

Dr. Olivia Chou DDS. MS

​You'll always get an exceptional smile and the confidence that comes with it. Get to know our outstanding orthodontists.

  • US orthodontic specialist

  • Master of Orthodontics, Minnesota, USA

  • Passed the US National Examination NBDE and Regional Clinical Examination WREB

  • Physician in Washington State

  • Invisalign US/Taiwan dual certified physician

  • Member of AAO American Orthopedics Association

  • Bachelor of Dentistry, Kaohsiung University

  • ​Inviscare Platinum Certified Physician

You deserve the best!

Give yourself a beautiful, confident smile

To find an orthodontist, you must choose an orthodontist "specialist";

If you want to choose a "specialist in orthodontics," you must choose an "American orthodontist"!

Every American orthodontist has experienced three years of solid and rigorous training.

After many certification exams, you can get the honor of an American specialist.

The United States is the country with the longest correction history, the most mature technology, and the most innovative equipment

Dr. Zhou Yuxin, a certified orthopedic specialist in the United States, brings back American professional and advanced technology to Taiwan

​Create your own confident smile!

It is good to do correction once in a lifetime, if you want to choose, choose the best one!

Orthodontics for children and adolescents

From the moment a child enters the campus, peers and life circle begin to influence the physical, mental and personality development, and the cognitive level, thinking style, and perspective of learning also enter a period of non-stop growth. At this stage, I begin to pay attention to my self-image, especially for my appearance, body shape and inner self. The continuous development of self-esteem has also become the beginning of establishing self-confidence. A confident smile can accompany the healthy and happy growth of children.


Orthodontists in the United States provide you with professional orthodontic services

All are certified physicians of Insime, what is the difference between Dr. Zhou?

The difference from general Taiwanese doctors who are certified for short-term weekend hidden beauty training is that Dr. Zhou received three years of complete correction training in the United States, followed by a two-year internship, and practiced in the United States, in order to bring back the United States' solid and orthodox technology Taiwan.

Do I need to find a specialist in the United States for orthodontics?

Invisible correction and invisible beauty have been popular in the United States for 20 years. In addition to major brands and companies, there are also extensive researches on invisible correction by major medical schools. In contrast, Taiwanese doctors only participate in manufacturer speeches or short-term exchanges. The acquired technology is still insufficient.

Do you always see Dr. Zhou in person?

Dr. Zhou’s diagnosis and treatment philosophy is not that the assistant sees the patient and the doctor comes for three minutes. Dr. Zhou insists on seeing each patient personally to track the effectiveness of the patient's correction for a long time to ensure that each patient has a satisfied and confident smile.

Although Dr. Zhou has many patients, Dr. Zhou respects the time of each patient and allows each patient to receive high-quality corrective services during their diagnosis and treatment.

Does Dr. Zhou also do traditional corrections? Which is better, traditional correction or invisible correction?

In the United States, traditional correction and invisible correction training are equally important. Dr. Zhou has correction training in the United States and Taiwan, so traditional correction techniques are as professional as invisible correction.
With the advancement of technology, invisible correction and traditional correction can have the same effect. Although traditional correction and invisible correction are supported by different schools at home and abroad, Dr. Zhou believes that he will first integrate all correction knowledge, and then according to the situation of each patient, The best results can be achieved by creating an exclusive treatment plan!

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